How we install water filters in Haiti

Water Filters in Mountain Communities = Huge Win for Consider Haiti

If you are new to Consider Haiti and/or you do not know a lot about water filtration then you may not understand how significant this new development is but the ability for us to provide clean water to families in the program in the mountain communities of Iviore and Fond Baptiste is a monumental victory!

Did you know there essentially no running water available in rural Haiti? So, filters are the key to survival. For over 2 years we haven't been able to provide filters to many of our program families that live in mountainous communities.

We haven't been able to get cement bio-sand filters to the mountain communities in two years! The video below outlines how through the efforts of Seed Creative we are now able to reach those families. Currently, all the families in the programs in Iviore and Fond Baptiste will receive filters. Of course, this also means they can share the clean water with others in their community that need clean water as well. 

Why does clean water mater so much to the families in Haiti?

Besides the obvious, I think it is important to remind our supporters that clean water helps not only provide hydration but also is the solution to a myriad of water borne diseases in Haiti. Being able to prevent these diseases at the source is the key to improved public health. 

A huge thank you to Seed Creative for these new water filters!