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Monthly Member Support

Consider Haiti is 100% donor and volunteer supported. Now more than ever it is apparent that the only way for organization to continue to provide sustainable support to Haitian children and families in our programs is through monthly support. We've created 3 membership levels but any monthly support you feel lead to contribute will help us meet our overall budget goals.

We know that there are so many options and great organizations to choose from BUT what we believe makes us different is that our goal is to provide sustainable solutions to the people of Haiti. We use local resources whenever possible including our community health agents. Nearly every dollar we raise goes directly to our programs because we are 100% run by a board of volunteers in Asheville, NC.

To find out more about each monthly support level you can click on the image or the button below. If you want more information about our programs and what we do. check out our “About” pages. For all questions about your donations or how you can join our board or volunteer teams, the volunteer button.

We really need your monthly support to continue to provide support to our program families. Will you help?


Wondering WHY you should consider Haiti?

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is among the top five poorest countries in the world. It is crippled by political, economic, environmental and social instability. Of their estimated population of 9 million, masses of Haitian people fight to simply survive each and every day.

While in a continued state of political unrest, which intermittently (and currently) freezes life and business in the country’s port areas, over 80% of the Haitian people live in poverty. Many families are without access to clean water, health care, proper lodging, or an adequate food supply.

How does a country with such destitute conditions exist on the doorstep of the United States of America? It is nearer to the coast of Florida than the sunshine state is to the majority of its fellow states! It is this disturbing question that begs an answer from those of us living in the very hands of prosperity and justice, and which leads groups like Consider Haiti to invest in a better future for the Haitian people.


Haiti is one of the top FIVE poorest countries in the world.


80% of the Haitian people live in poverty; many without access to clean water, health care, proper lodging, or an adequate food supply.


Consider Haiti helps over 2000 children per year.


There are 3.6 million children in Haiti. Many are suffering from poor nutrition and medical care.