Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are you a 501C3 organization?

Yes, Consider Haiti is a 501c3 non-profit organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, all donations are considered tax deductible. 

How much of your contributions go directly to your programs?

At least 95% of our contributions go directly back to our programs in Haiti. We do our very best to provide the best medical and nutritional resources to our Haitian agents without sacrificing quality. We keep our administrative costs down so we can optimize the amount of proceeds that go to help the children of Haiti.

How can I get involved with Consider Haiti's efforts?

We are always looking for help!  We have big dreams and plans for our programs and will remain true to our core mission— to create awareness of and to solicit resources to address the struggles of those in Haiti. However, maintaining funding for our programs is an ongoing struggle. Our work is continuous and we need your help to continue helping thousands of kids.

There are several ways to get involved:

Donate: At the moment we are accepting monetary donations. Part of our mission is to support and train locals so that our efforts are sustainable, so if it can be purchased or produced in Haiti, we don't bring it.

Volunteer: We are always in need of help. Although at the moment only trained medical professionals are needed in Haiti, we need help organizing local fundraisers, spreading news, and coordinating resources. 

Share our story: Link to us on Facebook, tag us on twitter, or simply tell a friend. It would mean so much to us and the people of Haiti.

Choose us for a meaningful gift: Know someone who has everything? Donate in their name. We will work with you to send a note explaining your gift. It is truly the gift that keeps giving. 

Who runs Consider Haiti?

Consider Haiti is 100% volunteer based. We have elected board members who provide leadership support. Our volunteer teams help with everything from fundraising projects to helping gather supplies for upcoming trips to maintaining our website and sending out newsletters.