2018 Spring Trip Fundraiser

Consider Haiti is getting ready for our annual medical spring trip to Haiti. One of greatest long-term supporters and volunteers, Tom Plaut, is headed on his 15th trip to Haiti. In order to help offset the costs of the trip Tom is raising money at this link:  www.gofundme.com/considerhaiti-2018-spring-trip

Here's Tom's story about his work with Consider Haiti and why you might want to support his fundraiser:

Hi. My name is Tom Plaut and I’d like your help to get a crew of 4 doctors, 2 nurses and 4 lay assistants back to Haiti for clinics treating over 1,000 Haitian kids.

This is my 15th trip and I’m hoping to raise $4,500 for vehicle rental, medicines and water filters. (Each volunteer trip member pays for their own airfare, room and board, which will amount to $1,200, plus a week away from regular jobs.) If I can raise the $4,500, it will keep donations to our organization, “Consider Haiti,” free and clear for our in-county Haitian staff’s use in our 12-month programs.

This is me in 2006 doing height and weight measures prior to kids’ medical examinations.


As we learned medical interventions are is not enough, so we’ve moved sustainable nutrition with goats and gardens. We introduced 17 goats in 2010; now we have more than 700. Each family of a child completing a six-month nutrition regimen is given a pregnant goat for meat and milk. We are collaborating with Seed Programs International, training our staff to train families in horticulture.

Here's a brief slideshow that shows various images of our past medical clinics and of the small farm and surrounding facilities we built back in 2002. Consider Haiti began to build a small clinic facility in 2002, but realized it was not sustainable. Consequently, we turned it into an experimental garden for trees and vegetables. It also is a source of potable water for the neighborhood and used one of five sites for medical clinics.