The goat has been the unofficial mascot for Consider Haiti for quite some time. In fact, I am pretty sure at one of fundraisers we had several dress up as a goat at some point. After our spring trip this year, we realized that we really needed to do more to support our Consider Haiti families. With Hurricane Matthew, the drought and inflation rising, 2016 and 2017 have been tough years for the children in Haiti.  For that reason we decided to put a renewed focus on GOATS. Why? One of our top goals is to provide sustainable, local nutrition, and goats are key. Goats flourish in Haiti’s climate; they require minimal care and upkeep. Right now, we have 751 goats in our program; our goal is 790. 

A single goat can provide: 

NUTRITION: Goat’s milk is a sustainable source of calcium, protein, and other essential
ECONOMIC STABILITY: A single goat can provide ongoing resources for an entire family.
By selling any extra milk or baby goats, our families are able to earn money for medicines
and other necessities.
EDUCATION: Many families have been able to sell their goats at the start of the school
year to fund their children’s educations. We are happy to support these families and their
local schools through our efforts.

More about Consider Haiti goats:

Consider Haiti breeds Haitian female does with a Nubian Boer buck to attain hearty
offspring adapted to local conditions. They are delivered to families in Montrouis, Fond
Baptist and Ivoir. We work closely with the families in the Community Health Program
to ensure that they receive the gift of the goat and are able to utilize future offspring for
nutrition, milk income and school tuition. So you as you can see goats really are the key to many Haitian families that would otherwise find it nearly impossible to provide ongoing financial and nutritional support to their families.

If you are thinking about supporting Consider Haiti this holiday season, would you consider giving a goat? We have a downloadable/printable flyer that you can share with your friends or family or include in a gift card if you are giving a goat this holiday season. Click here for the flyer.

Link to buy one goat

Link to buy a pregnant goat