Gala Benefit Success


We are so appreciative of the huge turnout for our first ever July 4th Gala Benefit at the Patton Parker House! As a result of donations we were able to net $5,200 which will go directly to covering increase program costs for the 2017 fiscal year.

Our Board President Todd Kaderabek said after the event at Patton Parker House: "At some point last night it occurred to me that $75 is the cost for a pregnant goat in our program and also the cost of admission to the event. Everyone there supported a Haitian family long term by being there last night. That we were able to move our goals in Haiti forward with such success brought a broad smile to my face."

The event will continue to bring more smiles as we continue our mission to help as many children in Haiti as possible!

We would like to give one last final shout out our Gala Event Sponsors: Gan Shan Station, Metro Wines of Asheville and the Patton Parker House! And, thank you Patrick O'Cain for an AMAZING spread, Ben Scales for wonderful music, and to Downtown Asheville Racing Club for the fun bike route!

Anna Caddell