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Without your monthly support, one of these children may not get food, clean water, or medical care.


Change a Life.

Help the children of Haiti.

Our single, and URGENT goal is to promote the health and welfare of children in Haiti. This year we will help the lives of more than 2000 Haitian children and their families.


How You Can Help: 

We are always looking for help!  We have big dreams and plans for our programs and will remain true to our core mission— to create awareness of the Haitian children's struggles and to provide local resources needed to address their problems. However, maintaining funding for our programs is an ongoing battle. Our work is ongoing and we need your help to continue helping thousands of kids.

There are several ways you can get involved. Read more about each here:


Providing Sustainable Health and Medical Care: 

Our Four Core Programs


Over the years Consider Haiti has worked to develop interconnected, self-sustaining programs within the Haitian infrastructure. We actively support local Haitian teams for implementation. With the help of teams of volunteers and the local support of our generous donors from Asheville and around the United States, Consider Haiti continues to promote the health and welfare of the children of Haiti, one child at a time.


Community HEalth

Using local health agents, we enroll malnourished children in a six month program to rehabilitate their bodies. We provide food, nutritional supplements, deworming medicine, and vitamins. We also offer guidance on improving health and wellness for their families, and we connect them with the other components of our program. From nutrition to clean water to medical care, we work to make sure these children and their families have access to life-saving resources.


Sustainable Nutrition

This program involves the distribution of goats, rabbits, and other agricultural products to impoverished families along with instructions on how to use these resources to build sustainable sources of food and income. We work closely with the families in the Community Health Program to ensure that they receive the gift of a female goat ready to be bred with a male goat provided by Consider Haiti or male and female rabbits ready to produce offspring.


Clean Water

Most Haitians lack access to clean water, and as a result they are forced to drink or use contaminated water for food preparation. This leads to widespread acute and chronic illnesses and is a major cause of death and misery. To combat this problem, we provide water filters effective in removing suspended solids and most pathogens to each family with a child enrolled in the Community Health Program. Water filters are a staple in our fight towards better health.


Medical CAre

We routinely organize and send teams of medical volunteers to Haiti to provide medical care. These teams provide week‐long clinics for Haitian children. In the mountain villages where we hold pediatric clinics, we are typically the only healthcare these children receive each year. More than a thousand children are seen during each of these medical trips! All trip participants pay their own airfare, room, and board. 

We STILL Need Goats.

Let us explain why.

 Would you consider buying a goat?

A single goat can provide:

NUTRITION: Goat’s milk is a sustainable source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients.

ECONOMIC STABILITY: A single goat can provide ongoing resources for an entire family. By selling any extra milk or baby goats, our families are able to earn money for medicines and other necessities.

EDUCATION: Many families have been able to sell their goats at the start of the school year to fund their children’s educations. We are happy to support these families and their local schools through our efforts.